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High Cube shipping containers

Elevated Features of High Cube Containers

High cube shipping containers are distinguished by their additional height, offering an extra foot compared to standard containers, thus catering to a broad spectrum of applications that require more vertical space. Whether for storage, transport, or innovative projects, these containers provide the extra dimension needed for efficiency and creative flexibility. Their unique design not only answers the question, "What is a high cube shipping container?" but also highlights their utility in delivering enhanced capacity and versatility.

20ft High Cube Shipping Containers: Compact Versatility

The 20ft high cube shipping container is a perfect blend of compact design and spacious interior, making it an ideal choice for projects with limited space but requiring substantial height. With dimensions that extend vertical storage capabilities without compromising on manageability, the 20ft high cube container supports a variety of uses—from tall equipment storage to creative living or working spaces where the extra height can be transformed into a lofted area or additional storage.

40ft High Cube Shipping Containers: Expansive Solutions

For those needing even more space, the 40ft high cube shipping container provides an extensive area complemented by the added height, making it suitable for larger scale storage, commercial use, or extensive modification projects. Its generous dimensions are particularly advantageous for storing voluminous items or for creating larger, airy living or working environments that benefit from the container's elevated ceiling.

Benefits of High Cube Shipping Containers

High cube shipping containers offer several benefits, making them a preferred choice for a diverse range of applications. The additional height not only increases storage capacity but also opens up new possibilities for conversion projects, allowing for more creative and comfortable designs. The versatility afforded by both the 20ft and 40ft options ensures that there is a high cube container to meet every need, from compact solutions to expansive spaces. Moreover, the availability of these containers in both new and used conditions at competitive prices provides cost-effective options for those looking to maximize their investment.

Why Opt for High Cube Containers from Viva Containers

Choosing high cube shipping containers from Viva Containers means selecting a storage or project solution that offers more than just space. It's about leveraging the added height and dimensions for greater utility and creative potential. With our range of 20ft and 40ft high cube containers, available for purchase at accessible cost points, we ensure flexibility in meeting both space requirements and budget. Viva Containers simplifies the acquisition process with efficient delivery across the United States and Canada. Our delivery methods, tailored to individual needs, include tilt-bed trucks for up to 24’ long containers requiring straight-line clearance, tilt-bed truck and trailer combos for up to 45’ containers, flatbed trucks for those able to offload at the site, and crane trucks for precise placement. For customers preferring self-transport, direct pick-up from our depot/yard is also available. Whether used for commercial storage, transportation, or innovative space conversions, our high cube containers deliver on flexibility, affordability, and quality, supported by a comprehensive delivery service that ensures your container arrives ready for its new purpose.