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Quality Guarantee

Delivery in 2-5 business days Delivery in 2-5 business days

Delivery in 2-5 business days

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5.0 Stars on Google Reviews

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Understanding Your Delivery Options

There are several methods we use for shipping container delivery, each with different capabilities and requirements:

Tilt-Bed Truck

This truck is suitable for containers up to 24’ long and requires at least 60 feet of straight-line clearance to deliver the container. This truck type is suitable for inner-city deliveries and limited-access sites.

Tilt-Bed Truck and Trailer Combo

Tilt-Bed Truck and Trailer Combo

This can handle containers up to 45’ in length, or combinations of smaller containers. It needs 100 feet of straight-line clearance for safe delivery.

Tilt-Bed Truck and Trailer Combo

Flatbed Truck

Ideal for longer distances, this truck can deliver containers up to 45’ in length. However, it can't place containers on the ground. You'll need a forklift or crane at your site to offload the container.

Flatbed Truck

Crane Truck

Used for containers up to 24’ in length. This truck can place a 20’ container about 25’ away from the truck, making it ideal for complex deliveries like over fences or on elevated platforms.

Flatbed Truck

Customer Pick-Up

If you prefer to organize your own transportation, you can go directly to the container depot/yard and pick up the container yourself.

Choosing the Doors Orientation

Think about the exact spot where you'd like the driver to deposit the container, and consider the overall environment around that spot. These considerations will aid you in deciding between the two orientations:

Doors to the Cab

In this case, the doors will face toward the rear end of the truck. Essentially, they'll be the last thing to leave the trailer during the delivery process. This option might be a perfect fit if you're planning to snug your container up against a structure like a fence, barn, or similar.

Doors to the Back

Here, the doors will face away from the truck, making them the first thing to leave the trailer during the delivery.

Doors to the Back

Preparing for Delivery

  • Length Restrictions: For a 20ft container delivery our trucks need a minimum of 60ft in a straight line. For a 40ft container delivery, our trucks need a minimum of 100ft in a straight line.

    Length Restrictions
  • Suitable Ground Conditions: Make sure the ground is dry and firm, such as asphalt, concrete, or compacted gravel. Avoid loose dirt, wet and muddy areas, grass (if the soil is soft), ice and snow, steep inclines, sloping surfaces, and drains. The drop site must be free of obstacles like rocks, stumps, and tree limbs.

  • Road Accessibility: At a minimum standard, the drop site must be on a maintained 2-lane county road. Heavy trucks need more turning radius than standard vehicles.

  • Clearance and Visibility: A minimum height and width of 14 feet is needed for moving a container. Up to 20 feet of height is required for unloading the container. Ensure sufficient clearance for low-hanging tree branches, gates, ditches, and other obstacles.

  • Drop Site: The site should be level and stable. If the container is not level, the doors can become difficult to operate. Hard blocks of wood, stone pavers, railroad ties, or gravel can be placed at the corners to evenly distribute weight.

Delivery Policies

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Onsite Presence

Plan to have at least two people on site on the delivery day to act as spotters if needed.

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If bad weather is forecast on your delivery day, contact us to reschedule.

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Rescheduling & Cancellation

Your delivery date may be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. If you refuse delivery, a restocking fee and other associated fees will be deducted from your refund.

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Any excess time spent on site beyond the standard 30 minutes for unloading may incur additional charges.

Internal Inspection

Our delivery procedure involves a thorough inspection that our drivers conduct on each shipping container before loading. The elements of this inspection include:

  • Checking the container for any visible holes
  • Ensuring that the seals appear intact
  • Verifying that the floors are undamaged and in good condition
  • Confirming that the doors on the shipping container operate properly, opening, closing, and latching as they should
  • Ascertaining that the door handles are in perfect condition

Payment options

Payment options

Bank details

  • Account name: Viva Containers LLC
  • Routing Number: 026073150
  • Account Number: 822000808316
  • Bank: Community Federal Savings Bank
  • Bank address: 30 W. 26th Street, Sixth Floor, New York, NY 10010


  • New (One Trip) Shipping Containers - 10 Year Warranty

    You can rest easy knowing that your container is guaranteed to remain wind and water tight for a full decade from the manufacturing date. Should anything go wrong, we will promptly repair or replace the faulty component or material, ensuring your container is as good as new.

  • Used Shipping Containers - 1 Year Warranty

    For those looking at our Mint Condition (IICL), Cargo Worthy (CW), and Wind and Water Tight (WWT) grade containers, we provide a guarantee that they are structurally sound and watertight for a full year from the purchase date.

*Our warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, misuse, overloading, or damages resulting from circumstances beyond our control such as extreme weather, vandalism, or alterations.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our priority, and this guarantee is our pledge to stand behind the quality and value of your purchase. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. To take advantage of this offer simply contact us within this timeframe, and we'll promptly initiate a refund for the full purchase price, minus delivery costs and handling fees.

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What you need to know

1. Are containers guaranteed to be Wind and Water Tight? indicator

Yes, all our containers are guaranteed to be Wind and Water Tight. Each container undergoes a thorough inspection by certified experts according to ISO standards. We check the side walls, roof, and floor for holes, leaks, and structural damage. Additionally, we ensure doors open and close smoothly, seals are intact, and the container is visually appealing, with extra painting if necessary.

2. Can I Inspect my container before delivery? indicator

While inspecting a container at our depot can be challenging due to safety an liability issues, we ensure quality through a rigorous inspection process:

  • Professional Inspection: Professional surveyors inspect each container upon arrival at the depot.
  • Driver's Inspection: Experienced drivers perform another inspection before loading the container for delivery.
  • Quality Assurance: Our inspection process ensures you receive a container that meets our standards. We offer a condition and money-back guarantee for all containers.
  • Customer Support: Our customer service team is available to address any concerns or specific requirements you may have.
3. How soon do you deliver? Can I choose the day of delivery? indicator

Our standard delivery time is 2-5 business days. We provide options for you to choose the most convenient delivery day. In emergencies, we offer next-day delivery.

4. Can I pay after delivery? Can I pay the driver in cash? indicator

We require upfront payment due to past issues with post-delivery payments. We accept credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers. NET terms are available only for large companies or government entities.

5. What happens if the container is not what I expected when it arrives? indicator

We strive to meet your expectations with detailed descriptions and pictures on our website. If the container does not meet your expectations upon arrival, we offer a 30-day refund policy. Your satisfaction is our priority.

6. How to verify that Viva Containers is legit? indicator
  • We are members of the NPSA and CSTA self-storage associations.
  • Our Google Business Account and Trustpilot Vendor Account have excellent reviews.
  • We can provide our EIN number and IRS confirmation letter via email.
  • A signed W-9 form is available upon request.
  • We can give you three referrals from our business partners, including their emails and phone numbers.